Monday, 22 August 2011

New items listed on ebay

I've listed a few things on eBay in my bid to be able to pay for my place on the Lili of the Valley colouring masterclass day.
You can find my auctions here
Also on the subject of the master class, are you booked on the sunday class and live in the manchester area?
Do you want to cut the travel cost and have 2 very mad girls share the journey with you???
You see due to our sheer excitement we booked our places before checking we could get there and as I don't drive and Mandy doesn't know if she will have a car, we thought we ask you lovely people if you wanted some company.  I know it's a very long shot but thought it was worth a go, otherwise my poor husband or wonderful but long suffering Dad will have to take us.
I will hopefully be back tomorrow with a card to share with you all,
Big hugs
H xx


Archies Mum

Hi Hazel, didn't mind you contacting me at all. Unfortunately I am booked on the Saturday class, and my friend is taking me to Leeds (I'm not very good with motorway driving). We are even thinking of stopping over the night before, so sorry about that. I hope that you are able to find someone to share the travel with you and your friend. Hope you enjoy the day, I am really looking forward to it.


Hello Hazel, No l didn't mind you contacting me either but l won't be going to the class as l don't really have the time most of my time is now taken up with my 1st grandchild but l do hope you manage to find someone to go with as l'm sure it will be a great class and a great way through blogging to make enquires, take care :) Sandra H


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