Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Why you need to rush out and buy Fiskars texture plates

Today I have a little tutorial for you.  When I found out I was going to be DT member for Fiskars, i began looking at fiskars craft stuff.  I saw some of their texture plates, going for about £3 so decided to go ahead and get them.  Well I'm SO glad I did, they are brilliant.
They come in lots of different textures, each plate has 2 different textures and the textured area is 14cm square, so much better than the normal A6 embossing folders.
Yesterday I went to the range and they had the plates reduced from £1.99 to £1 for a pack of 2 plates (4 textures)  How much would it cost you to get 4 different textures of embossing folders? Around £16!!
My tutorial will cover how you can use these plates in your cuttlebug.  I only have a cuttlebug, but you can use them n your bigshots, I just don't know the sandwich you would need.
Here's what you will need :
Cuttlebug, A plate and C plate
Mini mister
tan embossing mats or as in my case a free mouse mat cut to size mine is 2mm deep)
Texture plate and card

The sandwich for the cuttlebug I used a 2mm free mousemat. So the sandwich  is a plate, texture plate, card, mouse mat (smooth side down, not like mine in the photo) and then your c plate.

Now if you're wondering why I said you need a mini mister, well it's because if your card is slightly damp you get a deeper emboss.  Here is a  photograph showing the difference in depth of embossing between the misted paper and the dry paper.

Yes you will get some slight buckling of the card that has been misted but it sticks down fine.

So what do you think?  I think at the outlay cost it's really worth having a play and finding the perfect  sandwich for your machine.
Whilst you are here, did you know that there's a couple of different challenges going on over on the Fiskars blog? 
No?, well there are 2, one is June Fiskarettes Focus, which is all about projects that are based on/around the home and embossing (so perfect for projects made with the help of my tutorial) , and the other is all about banners, and who doesn't love seeing all these banners.
With some great fiskars products to be won, why not nip over and enter.


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