Thursday, 24 March 2011

If it wasn't for my Dog's.....

I think I would have gone mad a whole lot sooner than I did.
I have three wonderful Labradors that share mine and my husband’s lives.  We have got each of at them at a different part of their lives.
First came Zara, who I puppy walked for Guide Dogs for the Blind from the age of 8 weeks.   Due to her epilepsy she has since become our pet.  Next up came Max who was 6 years old when he joined us from Labrador Rescue.  Max was chosen as he looked like Bungle bear from a children’s programme Rainbow.
Finally came Leah, at the age of 11 months.  Her previous family were moving to look after a elderly relative and were not allowed dogs in their rented property.
I have had Dog’s all my life, nearly always three dog’s at a time.
I also owned Gloucester Old Spot pigs (when I lived on my parents farm) and I now own a dexter cow called, now don’t laugh, Fluffy.  She has a very fluffy fringe, hence the name.
Here's my lovely dogs:

And now onto my questions:

#1 : Who did Max look like when we adopted him?

#2 :  What is the name of my cow?

#3 : What is the title of this blog post?

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Your blog is awesome! I so loved looking at your projects, I just got the Tiddly Inks little girl with the glasses and stick up pony tails - love it!!

Your dogs are beautiful!

Melissa S.

I love this post and the labs are wonderful. Love the stories and you named your cow what? That is great name for a cow.


Love your post, animal lover totally myself, they are so sweet..........:))


Hi Hazel - I found your Babushka!! Love your labs - I have 2 labs and a Jack Russell Terrier!


Hi Hazel! Love your blog and love your dogs! They are gorgeous!
Big Hugs!


your dogs and your blog (and you!) are all great


Your dogs are so lovely!! Would love to see a photo of Fluffy!!


Wonderful dogs and such a fun name for your cow! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Purple Card Lady

Thanks for sharing! Fluffy *gigl*


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