Monday, 13 January 2014

New Year, New Start and BIG New Addiction

So you all thought I disappeared off the face of the earth but no, I just wasn't in the best head space. 
Now I feel in a better place. Some things in life are worse, some better.
Last year I became a great Aunt to lovely little Isabelle and yes I am too to be a great Aunt thanks.
She was born 8 weeks early but has pulled through and is a strong little girl just like her Grannie was.
My Dad followed by his dog was diagnosed with cancer. Both have had operations and are getting there. Dad is on chemo and  Bess is recovering from her large operation. Mum and Dad's big holiday of a lifetime has just been postponed for a year.
We sadly lost our Grandma Mort in May and had hoped to buy her house and move to a bigger home with a garden but that wasn't meant to be.
We also had to say goodbye to our top dog Zara. We knew she was going to last many more months but she surprised us by taking a sudden nose dive so it was a quick dash to the emergency vets as we were not going to have her suffer.
We lasted 6 days before we had to another dog as it just wasn't right with just 2 dogs.
And so Ember arrived aged 9 weeks old. She's labrador cross blood hound and has the biggest ears ever and a long whippy tail behind. She's adorable and worked her way into our hearts with hours.
Photos to come.
My style of crafting has changed over time and as I said in my title I have a new big addiction.
I am addicted to Inkylicious stamps and ink dusters.
I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and since it's taken a good hold I have struggled with concentration. Whether it's films, a talk or colouring my minds wanders terribly. A real butterfly brain which is why I'm loving inkylicious stamps and stamping in general. I can get my topper ready in 10-15 minutes compared to anything around an hour.
So onto talking about my blog and my new years resolution.
My new years resolution is to have fun with my crafting and to concentrate on the playing rather than the having to make a complete card, and so I want to go back to documenting my cards/projects on my blog.
So I'm going to try and blog twice a week unless I'm on holiday which may be happening soon so don't think I've given up on my resolution already.
Since the start of the new year I've made a few cards inc my first same sex wedding card which was at the time my favorite card. My latest card is now my favorite!!
So over the next days and weeks I will add photo's of the cards I've made so far and also pop some photo's of our little muchkin Ember the puppy aka Ears!!
So it would be lovely to see if anyone reads this so if you do please let me knwo I'm not talking to myself. I do do that but pretend I'm talking to the dogs,
H xxx


Sue Nicholson

Yipee my dear friend is back... so please to see you are returning to crafting, missed you. Look forward to seeing your new style. Check out my blog had a card published. Great to have you back cheers Sue n. X

Liz McGuire,

Lovely to have you back in the land of blog.

Liz x

Lisa xx

So good to see you back and blogging...boy did you ever have a rough year, let's hope 2014 will bring happier times xx

Renee G

glad your back to it hazel, cant wait to see your cards!!!!


Good to have you back Hazel. I got diagnosed with fibro last year. is a horrible illness.
Sending lots of fluffy hugs xxx


Ahhh I've just seen the photo of Emba and she's beautiful. Seems such a lot has happened and I'm glad your back to crafting again. I can't wait to see what you've made and done.
Love Cxxx


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