Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Clouds Tutorial

You will need cloud templates for this technique. 
I have made 4 different ones for you to use if you don't feel confident in drawing your own. 
I use all 4 so there's is very little repetition of shape.
Mine measure around 13.5cm long and around 3.5cm deep. 
The depth is so you can comfortably hold the template in place.

Coloured image
Cloud templates 
Blue ink pads. I use either tumbled glass or broken chine distress ink pads.
Stipple brush. I us 5/16" Royal Crafter's Choice grip 9113 brush.
Scrap paper to practise on.

How To.....
First things first you need to practise until you're happy with it all.
I tap the brush onto the ink pad twice then do about half way and then repeat 
until you are at the end of the image.  Now change the template and continue down.
On your scrap piece of paper practise using the templates. See if you prefer one ink over another, how much ink you want to lay down, how deep you want to add colour before you add your next layer of clouds and how far apart you want the clouds to be.

Once you're happy with your practise clouds you are ready to start on the coloured image.
Begin by placing your cloud template partially off the image.

You now have your first line of clouds.

Keep adding clouds, being careful not to get ink on the image.
Changing the templates, using both the back and front of the templates.
Going into tight spaces, like between her coat and scarf, and between the ribbons on her hat.

Continue until you are around 1cm from the ground.

Now you are near the ground have a couple of cloud bumps popping up above the ground.

And now you're done. I hope you have found this tutorial useful and easy to follow.



Hi Hazel

Thanks so much for this fantastic tutorial ... I love your cloud backround ... it looks so real :0)))

Hugs Nicole


Fab tut Hazel. I got all in a doo dah trying out a cloudy sky the other day. This is just great and so easy to follow. :)

Edna x

Purple Card Lady

Thank you Hazel. I will have to try this because I don't do well with clouds. :-)~Candy

Ea Christiansen

Super tutorial :o)


Hazel - fabulous tutorial I love it :) thank you so much for sharing x

Sue Nicholson

H, wow thanks for this, will have a go, thanks for sharing your skills. Cheers Sue N xx

Sue Nicholson

H, wow thanks for this, will have a go, thanks for sharing your skills. Cheers Sue N xx

Julie Hasell

Hi Hazel,

This tutorial is awesome hun thanks for the link going to have a play later lol, very clever lady as well as a heart of gold

Julie H xxx

Julie Hasell
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hi hazel,

thank you for the template and tutorial!!!

greetings femke


This is brilliant! Just come here via my friend Lucy's blog - you should pop over and have a look at the fabulous cards she's made with this technique - especially the one with the glossy accents for the rain and puddles:
She's used a spray technique instead of a stencil brush. I am going to try this too - using my Inkylicious Ink Dusters which are so soft they're as good as a spray!

Thanks for sharing!


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