Friday, 13 April 2012

I'm sorry I've not been around

I know it's a long time since I've posted anything and so thought I'd let you know why, so you don't all think I've forgotten you and left. So where do I start?? Here's how the next couple of months are going to be - 
My parents have decided to sell the family and move and have found a buyer so on the 3rd May we are having a farm sale to sell off all the machinery and tackle.
The 10th May see's my Auntie and her hubby arrive from Australia for a month or so.
Then on the 11th May this year it will have been 20 years since we lost my sister. On the 12th May her daughter will be getting married and I am the one in charge of it all as Rachel lives in Devon and the wedding is here in Lancashire. Trust me when I say it's proving bloody hard work.
Next by the 17th May, moving day, the cows have to have been sold, the 2 sheep dogs and the cat sadly put to sleep, as they cannot live anywhere other than the farm and everything from the house put into storage.
On moving day, 17th May my parents have to move into a hotel as the house they are buying is not theirs til 17th June. My Auntie and Hubby then move from the farm to Dad's cousins, and Mum and Dad's labrador moves in with Me, Hubby and our 3 other labradors.
On the 9th June my parents celebrate 50 years of marriage and have a big party to celebrate.
And FINALLY on the 17th June they get to move into their new home!!
So my lovely DT bosses have given me a holiday as making cards is just not happening much with all this going on plus I'm waiting to see a specialist to sort out my double vision which means colouring is sooo hard to do.
So if you do get in touch with me for any reason, I'm not ignoring you it's just I currently have over 500 un-read emails and I have no idea when I'm going to get the time to just sit down and read them all.



Oh poor you Hazel so much happening in your life at the moment I can understand you have no time for blogging etc,please try and take care of yourself with all this going on.
Sending you love and hugs to keep you going.

Hugs Julie x


OMG...and...I think I've got it hard. You have such a lot on.....I'd have been bouncing off walls lol. Tammy sending you a HUGE hug babes. Will be thinking of you X x x


wow you have got lots to do this next coming month, The poor dogs and cat, can't a rescue centre take them on or see if another farm could take them on?

well hope you get to have some you time in this busy time. xx


I popped in to see your latest creations and find you're in the thick of it! Hope all goes well with your plans, make sure you rest too! xxx


Love and hugs to you. You know where we all are when you need us. Hugs. Lisa x


Hi sweetie hope you had an amazing wedding and great time!! congratulations!!!

you are in our thoughts and we miss you guys

lots of love
K & M


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